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CAA 2021 - Limassol, Cyprus (digital)

  • Abstract:

  • Democratization of knowledge from small museums online digital collections reusable human and machine-readable content models (Avgoustinos Avgousti / Georgios Papaioannou / Nikolas Bakirtzis / Sorin Hermon)

  • ChronochRt –make chronological charts with R (Thomas Rose / Chiara G. M. Girotto)

  • geoCore -A QGIS plugin to create graphical representations of drillings (Moritz Mennenga / Gerrit Bette)

  • Near Presence Analysis: A New Technique for Analyzing the Spatial Distribution of Material in Irregularly Distributed Surface Survey Data (Eli Weaverdyck)

  • re3dragon –REsearch REsource REgistry for DataDragons (Florian Thiery / Allard Mees)

  • The use of sequential spectral filtering in digital multispectral imaging for identifying pigments on ancient sculpture (Orestis Kourakis)

  • APE – ArboDat Pangaea Export (Moritz Mennenga)

  • Grading minion to the rescue (Ronald Visser)

  • My little Linked Open Data Ogham Minion: visualising graph data connections using SPARQL endpoints (Florian Thiery)

  • Introducing a stature estimation tool for human skeletal material to the public (Mariana Koukli / Vasileios Sevetlidis / Frank Siegmund / Christina Papageorgopoulou / George P Pavlidis)

CAA 2020 - Oxford, UK

conference canceled due COVID19

CAA Joint Chapter Meeting CAA-NLFL & CAA-DE 2020 - Deventer, Netherlands (digital)

Session: Tools, statistics and little Minions

  • Linked Open Samian Ware - Unveiling the hidden Data Dragons and uncovering temporal vagueness with the help of Little Minions (Florian Thiery* / Allard Mees* / Dennis Gottwald**, *RGZM Mainz, **Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)

  • geoCore - QGIS plugin to construct a graphical representation of petrographic drilling profiles (Moritz Mennenga, Lower Saxony Institute for Historical Coastal Research / Gerrit Bette, T-Systems on site services GmbH)

CAA Germany 2019 - Wilhelmshaven, Germany

  • Digitale Archivierung ohne eigenes Archiv? (Martina Trognitz, ÖAW – Austrian Centre for Digital Humanties)
  • Ein digitales Feldbuch – Die 3D-Dokumentation einer archäologischen Grabung (Lukas Büsche* / Max Simon* / Jörn Richter* / Semiya Pape* / Stephanie Braun** / Sabrina Geiermann** / Stefan Pircher**, *Institut für Informatik, Fakultät für Informatik und Ingenieurwissenschaften, TH Köln, **Archäologie der Römische Provinzen, Archäologisches Institut der Universität zu Köln)

CAA 2019 - Kraków, Poland


  • A Linked and Open Bibliography for Aegean Glyptic in the Bronze Age (Martina Trognitz, DAI Berlin) - Video
  • My little text mining minion (Ronald Visser, Saxion Deventer) - Video
  • Taming Time Tools: Alligator and Academic Meta Tool (Allard Mees / Florian Thiery, RGZM Mainz) - Video
  • Serial, fast and low cost 3D pottery on site documentation (Fanet Göttlich) - Video
  • CpyPst3D: a tool for direct exchange of 3D features with attributes between GIS, 3D-modeling environment and CAD (Bart Vissers)


  • profileAAR release note (Moritz Mennenga, Lower Saxony Instiute for historical Coastal Research)

CAA 2018 Tübingen - Germany

Our first Minion Session! A few well prepared people hadn’t handed in a paper and want to present their minions spontanious.. No problem! “Stand-up-Science” was born.



  • Bonify (Gary R. Nobles, RU Groningen)
  • Archaeological database for excavations (Wouter Yperman)