List of Minions

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Name Author Date Description Link Status Git  
geoCore Gerrit Bette / Moritz Mennenga 30.11.2020 The plugin constructs a graphical representation of petrographic drilling profiles. published  
profileAAR Moritz Mennenga / Christoph Rinne / Kay Schmütz (Isaak) 2018/2019 The plugin profileAAR transforms profile control points for fotogrammetric rectification of section images of archaeological excavations published
AMT Martin Unold / Florian Thiery (mainzed) 2019 avaScript library for modelling and reasoning of vague RDF graph data prototype  
Alligator Florian Thiery / Allard Mees (RGZM) 2019 A Web tool for converting CAs with dating information to relative time intervals as RDF prototype  
Text mining minion Ronald Visser 2019 Text mining tools to search archaelogical reports Published in  
Bonify Gary Nobles 2018 Bonify is a pilot platform allowing the virtual comparison between 3D virtual animal bone models and zooarchaeological specimens. Published: - -  
Heurist Ian Johnson / Artem Osmakov 2005- Researcher-oriented database builder and web publisher for rich linked Humanities data free open services hosted by Univ of Sydney and Huma-Num https:/